Puerto Barrios, Guatemala - peter Casolino

This little guy was just hanging out on his own in a shack in a very poor section of eastern Guatemala. The people in these small villages all look out for one another, so I'm sure someone was keeping an eye on him. His mother must have been running a few errands, because I hung around for quite a while hoping to get a release, but no one showed up. Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2003/Apr/01

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm f/2.8
Film:   Kodak CN
Adjustment:   Neg scanned and toned in Photoshop to match selenium print.
Posted:   01-Jan-2003

Rating: 9.05 (37 ratings)



This is fantastic Peter. Are you Peter or Sebasti?o Salgado? Really, this is that good.

Richard Sintchak     01-Jan-2003 at 20:31

This is superb

Great composition and exposure - wow

glen     01-Jan-2003 at 20:51

They're not kidding............

when thay say how good this picture is!

K. Michael Photography     01-Jan-2003 at 23:08

Fantastic. Salgado should most certainly watch out.

Eric Weisberg     02-Jan-2003 at 10:01

Beautiful image! Thanks!

David Wamback     02-Jan-2003 at 11:07


beautiful. Well done Peter.

Knut Skjærven     02-Jan-2003 at 12:22


No doubt, the photograph as the powerful social critic. Let's not forget Jacob Riis. What amazes me about this (aside from the content) is the lighting. The light appears to be entering from behind the baby, but it is an illusion as the child is clearly illuminated from the front. This isn't just a technical observation, it is the lighting itself that separates the child from the squalor of the shack. I'm stumbling here for the clearest way to express this. Essentially, the light here has meaning...

Anker Heegaard     02-Jan-2003 at 15:36


Thanks for the kind words! The closest I will ever get to a Salgado photograph is in a gallery, Or if I sell my car and take out a second mortgage and buy one. Hey, thats not such a bad idea...

peter Casolino     02-Jan-2003 at 17:30


Peter, the images you've posted over the past few days have been fantastic. Your work is a most welcome addition to our community. This shot in particular is especially noteworthy in its poignancy. If you've not done so already you should review the work of fellow site member Ed Ng http://www.contaxg.com/user.php?id=1023. His beutiful images of Southeast Asia have much in common with some of your images.

Bruce McKinney     03-Jan-2003 at 19:32

cool shot. :)

izzivil ?     04-Jan-2003 at 08:49


Powerful shot - the light above, the child's expresion and his(?) suspended condition, the cans below - veyr strong image.

Steve McBride     05-Jan-2003 at 10:35


A very very beautiful photo. Congratulations.

Pino Schiuma     06-Jan-2003 at 08:31

the lines are so beautiful

the relationships are strong in this picture and it speaks without words needed. Well done on a great work!

Ed Ng     08-Jan-2003 at 02:54

Congratulations Peter

you deserve it!

Kevin Conville     03-Apr-2003 at 01:22


This truly a superb photograph. As everyone else said, the lighting is magical. The little boy and his hamock just float in light above the dark background shadows.

Gregg Humphrey     04-Apr-2003 at 16:41

My first view of

this image didn't allow proper evaluation. It fully deserves the HOF designation. Weegee would have applauded.

George Shadoan     05-Apr-2003 at 15:22

Too Bad

This kid was hanging in such a dingy place. Great light, great photo though.

Scott Russo     03-Dec-2005 at 10:54