Milano - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Marco D'Elia

Five slides stitched with proper software tool. Click on picture to view at full size. Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2003/Jun/01

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Biogon 21mm f/2.8
Film:   Fuji Provia 400f
Exposure:   N/R
Adjustment:   Brightness, contrast and sharpen
Posted:   12-Dec-2002

Rating: 8.82 (33 ratings)



Amazing! I can imagine the difficulties in getting this seamless photo. I even can't find any sign of software processed boundary among these slides. The people shown here are all in a whole unit without trimming. How wonderful the shot it is!

Frankie Leung     12-Dec-2002 at 17:14

The red coat

Great photo. I'm enjoying finding how many people are duplicated in the image. Other than that I can't tell that it's been stitched together in any way. Pretty amazing for such a wide lens and no tripod. I'd like to know how quickly the shots were made.

Matthew McDermott     12-Dec-2002 at 17:24


Grazie! Marco, what an astounding portrayal of the Galleria, thank you so much for sharing your effort and your art with us!

Drayton Cooper     12-Dec-2002 at 17:29


Mario, just fantastic!

Richard Sintchak     12-Dec-2002 at 18:22


Great job here Marco!

Kevin Conville     12-Dec-2002 at 23:21

well done

a very nice piece of art Marco !

Jan Brouckaert     13-Dec-2002 at 01:03


Marco. Congratulations.

Knut Skjærven     13-Dec-2002 at 02:02


Yes, this is superb. I think we need to nominate Marco for the print exchange with this photo in mind :-)

Bruce McKinney     13-Dec-2002 at 19:13

I love it...

the woman in red has a twin! this is seamless, well exposed, and a photo that makes you come back to it many times over. each time you find something new!

Jean Lee     14-Dec-2002 at 00:23

Absolutely Superb Marco,

I think this deserves full marks due to the subject and the hard work involved. Excellent!

Robert Major     14-Dec-2002 at 00:34


Who needs a Linhoff panoramic. This is great Marco. Did you do the 5 slides in vertical position? Gary

Gary Eden     15-Dec-2002 at 09:29


Wonderful picture, Marco. This is the kind of picture I would love to have framed and hanging in my home! It combines the two things I like the most: architecture and seeing people going about their business with no awareness of the camera. I would buy a print!

Martin Rosol     17-Dec-2002 at 09:35

This is beautiful. I noticed that you mentioned on one of your other photos that you've since started using stitching software. Which software do you use?

David Wamback     17-Dec-2002 at 15:29

Technically flawless

Mario, a lovely piece of work. You've done some other, equally impressive, stitched shots. To my eye, 'old yard' is more artistic than this one, though this is probably more visually interesting (in that there are lots of things to look at).

Anker Heegaard     18-Dec-2002 at 10:19


this image immediately grabs the viewer's attention. Excellent and very skilled manipulation work. Very sharp and perfect lighting

Gregg Humphrey     03-May-2003 at 20:12


Well deserved for a very striking and unusual photographic montage

Gregg Humphrey     01-Jun-2003 at 23:36

Superlative . . .

Marco I tip my hat to your achievement. And, yes, the image is evocative.

Jerome Belthrop     02-Jun-2003 at 04:06

the ultimate street photo

Ed Ng     19-Jun-2003 at 20:38