children posturing - Ed Ng

while I find the 'jumper' too centrally placed in this pic, to me, the subjects are actually the different postures that the kids were striking both on the bridge and in the water. ed Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2003/Jan/01

Camera:   G2
Lens:   45 naked
Film:   Ilford HP5 @320
Posted:   11-Oct-2002

Rating: 9.13 (46 ratings)


Going back . .

Ed, you know, I enjoyed the glee of the boys, too. Before I read your commentary, I noticed the posture of each boy--relative to the back-flipper--and thought, hmmmn, ed, too bad--if no one--notices these personalities. I'm happy you pointed this aspect, out. The exposure is terrific in detail and variety, too.

Jerome Belthrop     11-Oct-2002 at 06:49

Climbing up . . .

And, everyone, else--don't miss the boy climbing up the pier pilings on the right--ed its a fantastic storied exposure.

Jerome Belthrop     11-Oct-2002 at 06:51

I find the composition to be optimal as it is, and am not in the least troubled by the placement of the central figure. Very nice work, I'd say; a delightful picture. I feel the same way about your other 3 postings here, and am particularly fond of the sensitive Burmese Child picture, which is beautifully composed. The only one that doesn't work too well on my screen is the one entitled "family", because the high-key repeating pattern of the logs - and the vegetation behind them - steals too much interest from the human subjects, who are otherwise located so intelligently in the picture. I admire your thoughtful and sensitive work. Chas.

charles stewart     11-Oct-2002 at 08:11


work Ed. One of the best people shots I have seen on the site - ever.

Knut Skjærven     11-Oct-2002 at 10:14

Absolutely stunning

Such a great scene, such a great capture... One of those rarely seen "tens" where it is all there; composition, visual impact, action and lots to look at... One of the better shots I have seen in a long time because it tells a story and does it well.. Excellent timing as well. Good one Ed...

Henke     11-Oct-2002 at 10:39


This is better than Henri Cartier-Bresson's. Great photo in both light and timing.

Vahid Naziri     11-Oct-2002 at 12:39


Not really much I can add, this is an oustanding photo. The texture of the water and wood, the exposure, the timing, and the subject matter are all great.

Karl Winkler     11-Oct-2002 at 18:02

Great shot Ed,

..not sure if i'll compare it to Cartier Bresson.

Louis     12-Oct-2002 at 05:38

thanks for the kind words

i just got lucky with this pic. HCB? I humbly decline that honor

Ed Ng     12-Oct-2002 at 22:48


Coincidence is as much part of the creative process as design.

Louis     13-Oct-2002 at 02:17


photo, ed! i love how the sky has a silvery-grey tone...

Jean Lee     13-Oct-2002 at 20:46


Very good, Ed...definitely one of the finest of your southeast asia series, which I've enjoyed a great deal.

Robert Mirani     15-Oct-2002 at 09:08


I rated this one a '9' early on as it is so clearly a winner. Not only do we have such great expressions in such clarity of all the boys, each in their own posture or antic, but the whole scene is almost a classic. Do not sell yourself short here Ed, this is HCB or better quality. Congrats.

Richard Sintchak     15-Oct-2002 at 10:34

Better than HCB all right

This is absolutely amazing. Congratulations, Ed!
And you didn't even have to crop?

Wilfred van der Vegte     16-Oct-2002 at 12:21

Keep Coming Back

Ed, I'm new to the site and already can't keep away from this image. Exactly the kind of images I aspire to make. If you know of any HCB images to match or surpass this one in terms of "decisive moment" or composition, I wish you'd point them out to me. Everytime I come back, it seems I find another element that works so well to convey this time. Thanks, JLee

J. Lee     22-Oct-2002 at 20:15


Not much to add to the battery of praise, except for I wish I had shot this one! Great balance of tones and composition. I find the central figure perfectly placed, as he's the only one moving. Very well timed shot. This image will have longevity. Good work.

ian dudley     06-Nov-2002 at 09:03

very nice

lighting, composition, timing, crisp focus.........this image embodies everything that needs to be present to create a spectacular award worthy photograph. well done!

Asad Shah     05-Jan-2003 at 01:24

children posturing

great shot ed. worthy "hall of famer"

brett goldsmith     02-Feb-2003 at 17:47

Great timing

the stopped, mid-air leap really energizes the shot.

Gregg Humphrey     11-Mar-2003 at 17:24

All this praise...

is still not praise enough! This should appear in a book sometime along with some of your other images Ed.

Carl Radford     21-Apr-2003 at 09:29

It is so wonderful

that I can't say nothing. All my friends like this shot.Wonderful capture at all.

winnie j     11-Aug-2004 at 19:43