Wet leaves - Wilfred van der Vegte

In our garden, April 2000. From my first roll of film with the G2.

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90mm f/2.8
Film:   Fuji Sensia II 200
Posted:   29-Jan-2001

Rating: 7.08 (12 ratings)


Wilfred, congratulations...

Wilfred, congratulations for your gallery, there are indeed beautiful pictures. I am also mostly impressed by the quality of your scans, like this one, or the lakeside pictures.

Gilberto Colangelo     29-Jan-2001 at 15:38

Wilfred, Nice job on the ...

Wilfred, Nice job on the scans and composition. You have some nice images I would love to have hanging on my wall. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Nick Coury     31-Jan-2001 at 04:34


I am curious which lens you used for this shot.

Gregg Humphrey     24-Feb-2003 at 18:38


Thanks, Gregg. It was the 90mm, which I actually mentioned in the description. This image was submitted at a time when the site didn't provide a form where the lens could be specified.

Wilfred van der Vegte     24-Feb-2003 at 23:16