From Bogue Inlet Pier - Bruce McKinney

Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2002/Dec/01 Map to location: Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2003/Jul/01

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 35mm f/2
Film:   Delta 400
Posted:   21-Apr-2002

Rating: 9.08 (48 ratings)




Robin Kleb     21-Apr-2002 at 22:08


that is one awesome, awesome shot. The sky, while not overly dramatic, is a perfect compliment to the misty, smooth toned waves and sand. And the shrap, darkly contrasting people add just the right degree of balancing element to the foreground. And the smooth riplling refelctions just put the "cherry right on top". Man, would I have been proud to have produced this. Great eye, great "print".

Richard Sintchak     21-Apr-2002 at 23:04

Thirds. . .

Bruce with my scroll button I sliced this image into thirds, and found each third could stand along as an excellent image in and of itself.

Jerome Belthrop     21-Apr-2002 at 23:32


TG *     22-Apr-2002 at 03:44


I'm very impressed. Lovely photograph. Congratulations.

Anker Heegaard     22-Apr-2002 at 04:25


Wow, this is spectacular! I wish it were mine. Wonderfuk detail. The foreground people provide a good anchor for the rest of the image.

MARK MILLEN     22-Apr-2002 at 04:39

Thanks all

for the kind comments. Generally for outdoor shooting, I'll go with an ambient reading from my Minolta Auto Meter III F. This shot obviously would not work with this approach so I went with the G1's auto bracket set to a full stop. This is one stop under. The Delta 400 was exposed at IE 200. Interestingly, the best clouds were outside the frame (more overhead). A 28 or 21 would have captured more but the size of the foreground figures in relation to the overall shot seems to have worked out well as is with the 35mm.

Bruce McKinney     22-Apr-2002 at 09:44

Superb, and deja vu

Bruce, this is fabulous. This is eerie, because I have a shot very similar to this that I was just getting to posting, except it's in color and much more horizontal using the 28mm. But your shot is better because you used the mist, clouds and reflections extremely well to provide depth. Great use of b&w...this could be a painting.

Robert Mirani     22-Apr-2002 at 10:45


My freaking lord! I'd die happy if a picture like this was my ONLY achievement. I just can't get enough looking at it!

Raef Al Attar     22-Apr-2002 at 14:00

Truly beautiful

I love the feel of this image. It would be interesting to see another version with the clouds burned in just a bit.

Robert Goldstein     22-Apr-2002 at 15:00


to me that most things have alredy been said here. Great picture. You are very good with this evorys aren't you.

Knut Skjærven     23-Apr-2002 at 01:07

Thanks Bruce

It's wonderful

Carlos L. Ayuso     23-Apr-2002 at 11:05



Udo Leopold     25-Apr-2002 at 10:03


This one really knocks your eye out! Nice work Bruce.

David Jarvis     26-Apr-2002 at 14:15

One of the best B/W images...

...I have seen in a long time! Sweeeet ;-) Henrik

Henke     27-Apr-2002 at 14:06


I have looked at this picture a few times before rating it. A well deserved "10" it is, thanks for sharing it . It is one of those shots that beg to hang on a wall. Simple but still intriguing and a picture that conveys a lot of thoughts, one you can look at for a long long time without it losing its impact.

Henke     28-Apr-2002 at 02:26


Bravo Bruce! Are you sure you aren't Brett Weston with a pseudonym?

Scott Nathan     25-Jul-2002 at 22:22

Hall of Fame

Bruce everyone is singing a hymnal of your praise for this image. And, I think the praise is wholly appropriate, too. Hall of Fame prestige is yours with flourishes.

Jerome Belthrop     07-Dec-2002 at 12:13

So simple

yet so hard to achieve, brilliant

Mal Grant     15-Mar-2003 at 13:50

Simply Stunning

a great simple image!

Carl Radford     21-Apr-2003 at 09:26

pure poetry

all the elements came together in a perfect composition, the light is fantastic

Gregg Humphrey     08-May-2003 at 10:27

Selected twice for HoF ?

Selected for Hof in Dec 1, 2002 and again July 1, 2003

Gregg Humphrey     01-Jul-2003 at 17:09


We can hang two copies on the wall, in that case. Justifiably amongst the best work on the site.

Charez Golvala     02-Jul-2003 at 00:30

Apologies for the confusion

I decided to add links to Mapquest locator maps to the comments field of some of my landscape images on the site including this one. Apparently the editing of this image record (as it was not in my own folder) caused it to be eligible for re-selection for HOF status, thus the confusion. My apologies.

Bruce McKinney     02-Jul-2003 at 06:05

breath taking

david benedict     26-Aug-2005 at 22:07


This picture brings a feeling of tranquility.

Bill Matthews     19-Nov-2005 at 14:04