Angela in the water - Tyler Vance

Angela in the water just after a late evening rain strom. Selected for the Hall of Fame on 2004/Feb/01

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   28mm
Film:   Tri-x
Exposure:   Auto/ f8
Posted:   17-Mar-2002

Rating: 8.93 (44 ratings)


Quite good

This shot has more to it than first meets the eye. The way the ripples in the water evoke the wave in her hair. The darker background contrasting w/ her well lit back and hair, and her darker front against a lighter background. Also the prominent dark line on the right that draws attention to her eyes. The amount of contrast highlights the different textures w/o going too far. Tell us, was this staged or was it a grab shot? If it was staged were some or all of these elements envisioned?

Kevin Conville     17-Mar-2002 at 16:03


Thanks this was a pix I took just after a rain strom, she was just walking in the water in the street. Late evening light.

Tyler Vance     17-Mar-2002 at 17:53


I love this. It looks almost like it was taken years ago, like in the 30's. Her eyes, the way she is looking up, say so much to me, the mussed hair and the ripples. Great shot.

Richard Sintchak     17-Mar-2002 at 20:23


Happenstance or is her name, Fate, smiled upon you, Tyler, and us as well! This image is quite fetching.

Jerome Belthrop     17-Mar-2002 at 23:00


picture once again. Only thing i don't like here is the thing coming out of her head upper rh of the picture.

Knut SkjŠrven     18-Mar-2002 at 02:57


Nice - looks like a 1960s picture in terms of style! I agree with the shape on the top right - would be slightly better balanced without it, but I'm nit-picking here...

Vish Vishvanath     18-Mar-2002 at 04:44

Really cool shot. I even like the thing coming out of her head, cuz to me it looks like a circle that's behind her and makes for a nice graphic element.

John Wall     18-Mar-2002 at 09:34


this photo does have that look of a photo from an earlier decade...and it has a beautiful level of contrast and graininess.

Jean Lee     21-Mar-2002 at 19:19

Best here!

One of the better I have seen here. Perfect

Francisco LardiÚs     06-Jun-2002 at 13:47

Better Late than Never

Congratulations Tyler on another wonderful image. It only took 2 years this time ;^)

Gregg Humphrey     04-Feb-2004 at 12:22

emotive of a different era

this image just speaks volumes in the perfect marriage between the background and subject. Those eyes.... innocence you have captured so well. This image will live and inspire for many many years. congratulations!

Ed Ng     21-Mar-2004 at 04:18


A little angel and a well conceived image makes this shot a winner in my book.

Keefo     29-Jun-2005 at 13:39


Nice angle, beautiful light and perfect expression.

[Unknown]     15-Nov-2005 at 18:26