Quay (2) - Wilfred van der Vegte

Bakio on the Basque coast. G2 90mm, Superia 100. No saturation 'enhancement' - the reds were really as shown! The first two images of the 'Northern Spain' series can be found here on the contaximages site. They were made with my Contax T2.

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90mm f/2.8
Posted:   12-Mar-2001

Rating: 6.71 (7 ratings)


Beautiful red, but I like Quay (1) a bit better - I think it has a better atmosphere. I am lately drawn to construction sites (maybe will post a "construction sige album" one day and that's why it's interesting to me to see what other people do with similar settings. I like what you did with that tiny figure in red in (1)

Marko Zivkovic     12-Mar-2001 at 15:32

Quay 2

Great shot, I like the colors & composition !

Stefan McMurtry     01-May-2001 at 07:08