Always Cool & Refreshing - Wilfred van der Vegte

'Siempre fria y refrescante'. View from hotel room in San Sebastian. G2 90mm, Superia 100. Slightly cropped. The first two images of the 'Northern Spain' series can be found here on the non-contaxg site. They were made with my Contax T2.

Posted:   12-Mar-2001

Rating: 7.46 (13 ratings)


Cool and Refreshing

Wilfred ... I really, really enjoy this last series of pictures that you have submitted. Alsolutely great, and original work. Indeed you have an eye for colors, forms and composition. All so brilliantly simple.

Knut Skjærven     12-Mar-2001 at 14:25


This picture has great humor. All these chairs did something to my insides so I wanted to giggle. I think it is a rare and wonderful quality. Wish I had such an eye. Marko

Marko Zivkovic     12-Mar-2001 at 15:26

Effective cropping

To add to comments above: I like the way the cropping makes for a fringe of chair legs around the image. This provides energy, and a sort of mischievous mystery.

Mark Davison     14-Mar-2001 at 10:17


Mark, you were right: I did crop the image a little, with the exactly the intention you suspected: on the left side of the original, there was more to see of the chairs. I did not mention the cropping in the description when I submitted the image. I will humbly correct this omission;-)

Wilfred van der Vegte     14-Mar-2001 at 11:19

This is fun

The legs are cool. I like the chairs...

Vish Vishvanath     04-May-2001 at 05:34