Felix in blue - Philipp Guenther

my recent photo project...

Camera:   CONTAX G2
Lens:   45mm Planar
Film:   KODAK PORTRA 160
Exposure:   f2,8 - 1/15
Posted:   09-Nov-2001

Rating: 6.33 (3 ratings)


Halo effect

of the hair in the water and the water itself make for a peculiar result. Out of interest was the water at room temperature and did your models mind or was it warm enough for them and then how did you deal with the condensation?

Charez Golvala     09-Nov-2001 at 12:13

quite comfortable...

... actually the temperature was quite comfortable. Felix stayed in for about 1,5h. There was no problem with condensation as there hardly was steam.

Philipp Guenther     12-Nov-2001 at 14:27