Alsace vineyard - Wilfred van der Vegte

Vineyard near Ribeauvill├ę, Alsace, France, October 2000. G2 28 mm, Superia. This image was originally titled 'Haze (3) - Alsace'

Posted:   07-Feb-2001

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Great shot. I like the co...

Great shot. I like the colors and especially the softness. I’m getting this "I want to touch it" feeling.

Claus Sj÷din     08-Feb-2001 at 07:09

Re Marko┬ĺs comment: ...

Re Marko’s comment: There should be no concentric circles around the sun (at least they don’t show up on my monitor - and not on the scan either). What color setting are you using for your monitor? 256, thousands or millions of colors?

Wilfred van der Vegte     11-Feb-2001 at 07:22

nice mood

Try cropping out the sun and your eye is drawn to tree and foreground. I like the shot better this way.

Kevin Conville     04-Apr-2001 at 01:21


Really nice. I like early morning shots - the light is so soft. I agree with the previous guy - I prefer it without the sun.

Vish Vishvanath     06-Apr-2001 at 06:04

Words are so inadequate...

Another masterpiece! I wish I could see this as a large print- I'm sure scanners and monitors don't do it justice.

Nick Recob     07-May-2001 at 21:53


... don't expect too much here. This one is perfect.

Knut SkjŠrven     19-Jul-2001 at 14:40

Why submitted to the Cropper's corner ... ?

Knut, I didn't put this image in the cropper's corner in order to harvest more compliments (well, thanks anyway) but some time ago, several people suggested that the image might benefit from some cropping. I sent some alternative proposals as a reaction, but the general opinion was that the original was better. Still I'd like to give those people the opportunity to try for themselves. Perhaps I oversaw some magnificent cropping opportunity.
I also submitted the Chiemsee lakeside picture, because Vish once suggested he would 'love to get his hands on the negative' or something like that. I can't give him the neg, but this is at least something he (& others as well) can play with.

Wilfred van der Vegte     20-Jul-2001 at 09:23