Industrial Sunrise - Beijing - Richard Sintchak

G2/90 Sonnar - Agfa CT Precisa 100 slide film

Posted:   03-Apr-2001

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Great eye, Richard

You've got a wonderful eye for colour, Richard.

glen     03-Apr-2001 at 08:16


This is practically identical to the slide, perhaps a hair brighter and tad more contrasty. After scanning straight with my Epson scanner software into Photoshop I did the prep the same way Steve recommends in his ContaxG article, using Levels and a slight bit of Unsharp Mask. Keep in mind this small 2% slice of the sky, when viewed in isolation like this and especially with a telephoto lens, certain aspects, like color, clarity, etc. are more compressed and thus can look brighter and richer than if standing there and viewing the sky in it's entirety. It's Gestalt Psychology in play! (See Knut's "Manual" articles) The bright colors dropped off rapidly outside the frame of this shot and the whole sky did not look like this overall. But for a few moments before the typical hazy pollution took over, these rich, rosy, magenta colors at the edge of the horizon really blew me away.

Richard Sintchak     03-Apr-2001 at 20:27


Hi, Richard It's nice color , beautiful shot. I want to go to Beijing !

Akio Akanuma     04-Apr-2001 at 04:09

Amazing colours

All shutterbugs dream to have colours like this isn't it? Just amazing and so well captured on the slides too. I have tried (and succeeded on and off!) waking up at around 0400 a few times in the past week hoping for some miracle like this too, all to no avail. Images like yours really motivate me to keep trying. Brilliant Richard.

Karl Poon     05-Apr-2001 at 06:34

Me too!

My first thought was-- "these colors can't be real." Wow!

George Shadoan     05-Apr-2001 at 18:29


This image has won runner-up in the 2001 Contax G Pages Editor's Choice Award.

glen     21-May-2001 at 11:53