Fishing at Dusk - Karl Winkler

I took several frames of this scene, but picked this as the "best" one. It's cropped in PS, but otherwise left alone.

Camera:   G1
Lens:   35mm
Film:   Velvia @40
Exposure:   1/15th @ f/8
Posted:   22-Jul-2001

Rating: 7.72 (18 ratings)


Awesome, simply awesome

Karl, this is fantastic! What a capture. Great compostion, great colors. I love it. One comment, I cannot decide of I like the blurred rod or not. Good because it shows action of fishing, not so good as I think with the sharp contrasting elements everywhere else I wonder if the sharp rod too would have somehow been better....oh, who cares?! Nvermind that. This shot is one of my favorites ever on this site. You are da' man.

Richard Sintchak     22-Jul-2001 at 16:08

Thank you

Richard, thanks for the kind words. I took several frames, and I felt this was the best in terms of overall composition, mood, color, etc. There was another good shot where the rod was still, but this one won out. -Karl

Karl Winkler     23-Jul-2001 at 07:56

Bluring actually works well

Actually the bluring works quite well, it blends nicely with the ripples in the water. Good job.

Alex Cleary     25-Jul-2001 at 15:31

Top notch

Beautiful composition and exposure. An excellent image.

Jason Voinov     06-Aug-2001 at 20:28


I had to re-rate this one on seeing it the scond time. I really like the quasi-symmetry. I only think that the blown-out part at the top right is a bit distracting, and 20% of the bottom could be cropped off to emphasize the symmetry. At first sight, the bubbles on the water look like dust spots that you could have removed, but I guess they can be recognized when printed or projected on large format.

Wilfred van der Vegte     01-Apr-2002 at 23:56