Homeless - George Shadoan

8/1998, San Franciso, G1, 45/2.0 at f8/125 Kodak TMax 400

Posted:   29-Jan-2001

Rating: 7.00 (18 ratings)



George, Great homeless image. You included only the important details, leaving us to fill in the rest. It must have been a hard image to make, standing there in front of this man with your camera. Did you make a ''contribution''? Jonathan Prescott

Jonathan Prescott     04-Mar-2001 at 19:01

Beautiful tones, but...

I feel like the sign tells the story and not the picture. It is technically perfect, but I find myself longing for a bit more.

Eric Weisberg     29-Apr-2001 at 12:22


This is difficult to rate, so I won't. As a piece of social commentary, the sad reality is that this person isn't just one isolated photograph. If, however, it was to be a fantastic photograph, then the person's face should be included. Absolutely. In my humble opinion, I would have shot this picture, true, but I would have shot it in two different ways, as two separate pictures: 1) With the person's face as the focus. 2) Focusing on the sign and the amount of money in the hat. The sign alone is not enough for the viewer to determine where the truth or reality lies. A good picture, certainly, but not one which grabs at the emotions strongly.

Vish Vishvanath     29-Apr-2001 at 18:06

Another look

I came back for another look. Still an excellent, compelling image in many ways, and I like to look at it, but I still find it difficult. I guess that what photojournalism is, though, making people think about it, and I guess you've succeeded! 10/10 for photojournalism, then.

Vish Vishvanath     04-May-2001 at 05:41

Knut said: "However I feel that you sit between two chairs with the way you handle your subject. What is it exactly that you want to say with this picture? You have a very serious subject matter, yet you choose to handle it artistically. The composition, balance and line structures in this image are excellent, and tend imo to take away attention from the subject matter. I am not sure that I like this aestheticism on a theme like this." I feel aesthetics is important whatever the subject matter, that's what make people like Salgado, Nachtwey, Cartier-Bresson good, they always approached even the most serious subjects with much aesthetic sensibility.I do feel though, that a face would have made more impact. Very, very good pic anyhow

Louis     15-Jun-2001 at 07:15

The power of Photography...

This is what I love about photography... images that disturb, images that inspire, images that make us think. The possibilities are only limited by the person behind the camera...

Nick Recob     16-Jun-2001 at 22:03

Different triggers

I thought that the hand was an important component of this photograph, but it has not excited one comment. Reminds me that I once took a psychology test, the results of which emphasized how differently I look at the world.

George Shadoan     17-Jun-2001 at 10:26


George, where the hell can I have that test? The first thing I was attracted from was the hand, the skin, the fact it tells us that the subject is a black man... Also I'm curious to know: did you crop the original frame at the top or at the bottom? Or did you frame it horizontally? Thank you & congrats.

Toti CalÚ     14-Jul-2001 at 06:00

George, For a social comment I believe this photo gets to the point. Do we really need to see this mans face to know he has problems?

Robert Major     24-May-2002 at 14:50


I think the photograph is cropped perfectly! It grabbed me and the fact that I couldn't see the persons face made it more interesting. I like the position of the hand to the cap of money and the sign. The rough texture of the hand and and the fact that it is closed, possibly signifing the feeling of the person behind the picture. There is alot that can be read into this photograph, leaving it to the viewers to project thier own perspectives and filters...thanks, one of the better photos in a while.

Warren Dennis     23-Aug-2003 at 18:10