Starbucks Special - George Shadoan

On the way to the Starbucks located in the Albuquerque Hyatt, I spotted this liesurely bird that would hit or overfly the roof. Used PS "Save for Web."

Camera:   G2
Lens:   35/2
Film:   Astia
Exposure:   F8, shutter auto
Adjustment:   Slight crop only.
Posted:   24-Oct-2002

Rating: 8.00 (1 rating)


Very good, George

Wonderful point of view; great colors.

glen     24-Oct-2002 at 23:48


Cool shot George. Love the colors.

Richard Sintchak     28-Oct-2002 at 21:29

Colours . .

George, "Starbuck's" eh? Your humor and the rendering are quite appealing.

Jerome Belthrop     29-Oct-2002 at 12:21