Stairway to... - Filipas

What had originally looked like a beautiful age-old stairway to the top of the Peterskirche tower (Munich, Germany), turned out to be a frightening long trek up some rickety wooden stairs. Nonetheless, this scene at the bottom (with the light at the top doorway) did wind up representing the journey the view of Munich from above was fabulous!

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   28mm
Film:   Fuji Superia 400
Exposure:   ?
Adjustment:   Slight crop, stair brightened while the rest was darkened
Posted:   14-Oct-2002

Rating: 8.00 (2 ratings)



gives the stairway a beautiful set of colors...its bluish at the top and turns as you wind down..Great

Bill Brandon     15-Oct-2002 at 10:42