Cloud - Myrra

In fact, I was waiting for UFO, but you know those green little ones... when you need them, they always have important business somewhere else.

Posted:   24-May-2001

Rating: 7.94 (16 ratings)


This is really great

The horizontal lines of color, the symmetry of the trees, even the little cloud in the middle. Absolutely superb. Can I have a print?

glen     24-May-2001 at 16:57

reminds me of andreas gursky

This shot reminds me of a picture i saw in American Photo last month by andreas gursky (only place i've seen his work), big landscapes full of color lots of lines and symmetry. Great work

jon beck     24-May-2001 at 18:54


This is one of those photographs that look like the work of a great painter. Fine shot. There is little to add to the earlier comments. The simplicity of the scne and the great colors are brathtaking.

George Shadoan     25-May-2001 at 04:26

Try a red bus

...would have worked just as well, but when you need them....... Seriously, a fine composition. Stimulated by the many posted comments I have looked several times at this shot to work out what makes it less satisfying than on initial viewing. The answer, i think may be in my green do the trees appear to everyone else? They are quite dark on my screen. C

Charez Golvala     25-May-2001 at 04:36


Mirek I deleted my comment to this fine picture by mistake. I think I said that this was a fine shot. What I particularely like is the simplicity and the surrealistic expression of it. And the collision of vertical/horizontal lines. But what really makes this picture for me is the fun little cloud in between those heavy threes and the sky. I find a lot of humour here. You are right George: It could have been a painting. I would categorize this fine piece of camera work as decorative art. More generic as Low Key Pictorialism. Charez: The threes are pretty dark on my monitor too. And that's just the way they imo should be, because you have the contrast to the lighter grass in the foreground. BW Knut

Knut Skjærven     26-May-2001 at 03:19

Dark trees

Yes, they are dark even on mine monitor, and I care about such details. Problem is in PhotoSmart scanner, it can't handle darkness of Provia 100F and overall contrast of the scene (noon). But colours are quite good, just a little bit darker. And yes, in one Leitz-Zeiss comparision I've red "Lietz is more exact and accurate, whilst Zeiss is a painter's lens".

Myrra     27-May-2001 at 12:15


I love the image and agree with most of the comments already made. In my opinion, Fuji film and CZ lenses are THE way to go. You have used them both to the max in this image. I would proudly hang this on my wall!

Nick Coury     28-May-2001 at 07:10