Luminance Revisited - George Shadoan

Last year I tried to start a discussion of how to capture the fall colors. This spring I was lucky in getting some good tulip shots that taught me something of the process. Here is one of them: Contax G2, 28 mm, Konica negative film. No manipulation.

Posted:   14-May-2001

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George, terrific! Great colors, great DOF, very excellent composition. I like the house in the background, the bit of sky and the placement of the tulips. Only small comment in the partial dark tulip on the right it adds nothing and is a little distracting but not much. You might have tied that one back somehow. But I'm just nitpicking.

Ok, I convinced the wife I needed a Scan Dual II and it's on the way. "Honey, just one more lens please! It's called the 28 Biogon and I need it because....."

Richard Sintchak     14-May-2001 at 17:36


I'm a sucker for tulips, and backlit ones too, this is too good to be true! Excellent work. I'm glad to see image on the front page over that scary looking Indian dude sorry Vish, he was giving me nightmares :)

jon beck     14-May-2001 at 22:05


I agree - there's something in this shot I like more than my Keukenhof images. The Keukenhof shows very artificial arrangements of flowers- I like the rural atmosphere in this one a lot. Perhaps I should also consider to switch to Konica for flower shots ...

Wilfred van der Vegte     14-May-2001 at 23:15

Luminance Revisited

Ah, beautiful colors, very nice composition. I am inspired to test this Konica film the next time when I do some plant shots again.

Heiner Wippermann     15-May-2001 at 00:24


George, was it you who asked how to capture on film the luminescence of fall leaves? I still would like to learn how to do it. Since you did perfectly in this image (not with fall leaves, of course) please tell us how you did it. How did you meter? Sometimes I also have the impression that the main difficulty is in printing this kind of images. Did you scan the negative here? Anyway, congratulations for a most beautiful image.

Gilberto Colangelo     15-May-2001 at 01:20

Ah, splendid!

Great stuff. I'd like to see that front tulip bulb on its own against a dark background, too. It looks there's fire inside - great reproduction, too.

Vish Vishvanath     15-May-2001 at 03:12

Lose the house

Great colours, lovely positiosn of the tulips, but lose the distracting house. Could you have changed the angle to provide a more uniform background but kept the arresting relative positions of the tulips? I'm glad to took the shot anyway, if this was not posible, and this would be a candidate for a really long and careful PS session to create a masterpiece of colour.

Charez Golvala     15-May-2001 at 03:29


I agree that the photo would have improved had I tied the tulip on the right out of the scene. Too bad. DOF achieved with F8. I didn't think the scene bright enough to stop down further. But the 28 mm saved the day anyhow. George.

George Shadoan     15-May-2001 at 04:33


This is really great spring shot, warm and full of sun... I don't care about composition mistakes... who cares? This is great!

Myrra     15-May-2001 at 14:49

Great shot

WOW!! I really like this picture. I like the house in the background too. Tulips look like they are on fire. Great shot

Larry Zasitko     16-May-2001 at 07:46

Nice Job

Good photograph. The tulip on the right is ok. Without it you would lose some compositional balance. What you could have left out is the thing on the lower left edge(I can't tell what it is, but it doesn't belong.) Still, this is a very pleasing photograph.

Clyde Sweatt     18-May-2001 at 12:35


is still one of the grand not so old pictures :-) My question is simple: why have you more or less stopped posting beautiful images like this?

Knut Skjærven     17-Mar-2002 at 01:27