mother - johnny

my friends mother

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm f/2.8
Film:   kodak trix 1600
Exposure:   1/60 f8.0
Filter:   yellow
Adjustment:   contrast
Posted:   12-Feb-2010

Rating: 8.13 (8 ratings)


Very nice light, did you use one flash technique of yours?

Fred     12-Feb-2010 at 19:39


no flash, i've used the natural light and reflections in her kitchen, if she was only one meter further away then she stood in the shadow, one step to the left or right she sat in the shadow but now i have a flash and the 90mil ! i've become a contaxg enthusiast, i will give it a try next week.

johnny     12-Feb-2010 at 23:02

well seen ! a nimbus-like light above her head: a modern "Mother".

k.hendrik     14-Feb-2010 at 10:28