the statues 02 - johnny

from my series "the statues" selfportrait more on the non contax pages

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   kodak tri x
Exposure:   f16
Filter:   none
Adjustment:   contrast
Posted:   30-Dec-2009

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Hello, Jan,

Happy New Year (Bonne Anne') I hope you don't mind if I make some comments. It's good to see you doing this portrait series. It can be difficult to use flash with the G2 and have it look as natural as you have done here. Very nicely accomplished! Although, I consider myself a colorist, good b&w images are of interest to me. I would suggest that you do not use the max size when you upload. The site default size(900x) will be how most people view these images. This means that the Gpages software will downsize to 900x. Unfortunately, the software degrades the images when downsizing. Most viewers will not be seeing the carefully prepared image you have uploaded. Some folks indicate to 'click on the image for full size', but often that text is missed. The safest way is to post at 900x on the largest dimension. Your image at 1800high needs to be scrolled on my 24" monitor, so even folks that know how to access the full size cannot see the whole image at once without scrolling. Thanks for posting, I can see we can learn some flash tricks from you! :-) Linc

Linc     31-Dec-2009 at 19:55


thank you for your comment and i followed your advice

johnny     05-Feb-2010 at 01:03