Portrait of Kooigem - johnny

i am especially fond of making portraits

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   kodak tri x
Exposure:   f/2 1/15
Filter:   none
Adjustment:   photoshop elements contrast
Posted:   29-Dec-2009

Rating: 8.60 (10 ratings)



Ibbi     29-Dec-2009 at 16:12

portrait of KOOIGEM

thank you, i've only rediscovered the g2 recently, i knew the camera as very expensive, but nowadays bought at the price of a digital compact, some guys are really....

johnny     30-Dec-2009 at 08:52

I am often surprised how much the 45 can give wonderful portraits, I would instinctively reserve the 90 for that use, but the proof is the planar is an amazing tool for so many subjects... With your portrait, you give us a lesson of the genre, it is really perfect :) The personnality of this man pops up from the image, thanks to your balance of DoF, grain, light... bravo Jan!

Fred     02-Jan-2010 at 05:15


ce monsieur a vécu et il est toujours le patron dans son café après son métier de boucher. Souvent j' hésite de demander au gens la permission de faire leur portrait, mais ça vas changer après les réactions sur le web, merçi

johnny     03-Jan-2010 at 05:27

I recommend...

..the linked article. http://contaxg.com/document.php?id=27770 .Thanks

Baltasar Alvarez Quintana     04-Jan-2010 at 08:07