Brussels Cathedral - Luis Felipe Luz

There was an organ playing....

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm f/2.8
Film:   Kodak Potra 160 VC
Posted:   13-May-2007

Rating: 8.00 (3 ratings)



Luis, what happened to the chain hooked to the column? Did you cause it to move? This is a very interesting subject and I like your pov low to the floor. However, I think the light area in the back contrasted with the column in the front is too much dynamic range for the film. You decided to let the background blow out so that the column could be correct. I don't know what the right choice is, but if you can shoot it again, I would suggest that you get your camera out of the dark area and into a situation where it is more in the dynamic range of the film. Just a thought. Linc

Linc     13-May-2007 at 17:10

Low point of view

The low point of view was the only avaiable, since I only had a mini-tripod in my trip. I guess it was better to let the column right, since it takes most of the foreground. The blown-out areas are on the back and top....

Luis Felipe Luz     13-May-2007 at 17:27