Spring forest - Myrra

Almost. Just after a few sunny days.

Posted:   15-May-2001

Rating: 6.88 (8 ratings)


Wonderful composition

As I work my way through your images, I look for something to complain about but they just get better. This is a striking image. It reminds me of Chritopher Burchett. In case that means nothing to you, or other list members, it is a helluva compliment.

George Shadoan     15-May-2001 at 16:01

your best

Mirek, In my opinion, this is your best shot in your gallery. It almost looks like a painting to me. So sharp, the colors so delicate. Amazing, i love it, i wish i could see the real print in person. WOW

jon beck     15-May-2001 at 16:56

Just beautiful

Mirek, this is one beautiful image. I love the details, as Jon mentioned, so sharp, yet so delicate looking. If the scan looks this good the print must be breath-taking. Can you share some more detail with us on the image? Film used? Tripod? Lens? any exposure data? and did you let the camera meter as composed or did you set metering in any way? Please enlighten us!

Richard Sintchak     15-May-2001 at 18:40


Beautiful composition, beautiful forest I want to visit. Where is ? What kind of tree? Akio Akanuma

Akio Akanuma     15-May-2001 at 22:48

Thanx for comments

Thanx for comments delete and I'll try to answer all questions here. Films are Kodak Supra 100 and 400. Yes, I use tripod, but I've gain some experience from that shooting -- if you make shot with 350/8, it is sharper than 60/16... getting bigger DOF result in slightly more difraction. It is noticable on 10x15" enlargements. So now I try to use something between 4 and 11. The lens is Planar 45/2, since I love "normal" lens and it is one of the reasons I've bought G1. I don't have eye for wides and for 100mm I utilize my Canon. But I ordered 90/2.8, since I usually don't bother to drag my EOS too.

Mostly I try to meter something "medium grey" with G1's meter (like tree on the left) and lock it, and it seems to be adequate for my purposes. I'm just ending Provia 100F, so I will know how accurate is my method for slides.

Anyway, from your comments I feel that scanned pictures, resized to somewhat 700x400 are quite different from actual enlargments. I made corrections at home, on rather good PC with good videocard and monitor, and on others I see very various results... there IS a difference to look on 10x15 and on a small picture on monitor.

I hope to keep good standard here.

P.S. Beechen forest is situated in Czech Republic, Beskydy mountains, just over Bystricka reserviore (old italy design :)) If you are accidentally in Czech Republic, let me know, we can make a trip there.

Myrra     17-May-2001 at 06:00