Monet's Lillies - George Shadoan

G2, 28mm, f8/125 I guess no photograph of mine can capture the magic of this scene, but this is my effort.

Posted:   05-Mar-2001

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George, somehow this image escaped my attention - until it appeared in the 'have you seen this image' box (so I have to conclude it works). On my monitor it appears unsharp, but that does add to the impressionist quality of the image. Is the unsharpness a scanning issue? It's a pity that the sky is blown out to white - I guess this was either a slide scan or a scan from print? And one more question: was this shot at the Giverny garden?

Wilfred van der Vegte     19-May-2001 at 10:11

Giverny slide, No PS

Wilfred: This is a scan from a slide by my Afga Duoscan that is said to be poorly suided for 35mm slides & I did no sharpening in PS as I did not know how. If I do it over, I will attempt some sharpening as my knowledge base has expanded slightly. Yes, its Giverny garden. It was quite a task to eliminate the tourists.

George Shadoan     09-Oct-2001 at 09:59


So nice to see this place. I hope you rescan this someday. I think all the issues of sharpness and highlights can be resolved in the digital darkroom.

MARK MILLEN     12-Jul-2003 at 09:29