Microphone - Karl Winkler

Another hobby of mine is microphones and recording. Saw this light on the wall through a window blind, and thought of putting the old microphone in there. Reminds me of some older styles.

Camera:   G1
Lens:   90mm
Film:   TriX
Exposure:   Not recorded
Posted:   15-Oct-2001

Rating: 8.07 (15 ratings)


Really good, once again!

Karl, once you show great eye along with perfect control over your camera. Nice diagonal lighting!

Matthias Rueger     15-Oct-2001 at 04:30

radio daze

...is this a "steel-life" or a "still-life." Forgive my poor attempt at irony--I think the choice of negative film was just right. Jerome

Jerome Belthrop     15-Oct-2001 at 06:07


This is so cool! I love it.

Richard Sintchak     15-Oct-2001 at 09:16

Just beautiful

... just beautiful. Reminds me of the forties and Frank Sinatra doing Dorsey. Yes steel life.

Knut Skjærven     15-Oct-2001 at 11:07


... is this done with a G1?

Knut Skjærven     15-Oct-2001 at 11:08

Once again, Thanks!

Wow, thanks to everyone for the kind words. I was very pleased myself to get these negatives, and of course I've never doubted the Zeiss optics. It is amazing what one can get with 35mm, good lighting, and a good tripod (just recently got a Manfrotto).

Karl Winkler     15-Oct-2001 at 13:55

I can almost feel the metal

and the strips of sunlight on the wall really added to the mood. Not my type of shooting but you presented it in such a way that its easy to enjoy. Well done. ed

Ed Ng     15-May-2002 at 07:17

that's what I'm talking

about - more than just rich tones, real, palable, metal tones. And the soft diagonal light and shadows on the wall just sets it off. Fantastic

Gregg Humphrey     25-Mar-2003 at 19:02

I would like to license this shot

Karl, I'm a documentary filmmaker, If you are interested in licensing this shot call me at (818) 752-2500. I'm working on a doc about music. Do you have more microphone shots?

Peter Spirer     14-Apr-2004 at 22:47