Deep Red - Karl Winkler

This photo was taken at "horse pond" which is near where I live. I've taken quite a few photos there, but this was the best sunset shot. The slide is of course even more amazing than the scan, with subtle purples and also more detail in the clouds.

Camera:   G1
Lens:   21mm
Film:   Velvia @40
Exposure:   not recorded
Posted:   30-Sep-2001

Rating: 7.10 (10 ratings)


Great picture

Did you use any color filter for the shot? I'm thinking to get some graduated color filter for the landscape shots. But wondering how does it work with the G2?

Eric Choi     05-Nov-2001 at 09:51

No filter

Eric, I usually don't use filters and this was no exception. In fact, for the 21mm, I don't have any that fit! I've thought about getting something do to graduations, but as of yet, have never used one.

Karl Winkler     30-Mar-2002 at 15:08