Security guard #2 - Leonard Neumann

Same man as before. I think this on is more formal and I like the hart and cane.

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   tri x
Posted:   07-Dec-2003

Rating: 7.83 (6 ratings)


definitely my favorite of the two

the hat and cane just add to much to the understanding of who he is. While framing wider, you lose a bit of the facial detail but that more than made up for by rest of the image. I do think the 90 would have helped the perspective a bit but it sure works the way it is. The contrast looks a tad harsh. Was this by chance scanned from a print rather than from the neg?

Bob Michaels     07-Dec-2003 at 08:13


The print looks much nicer that it does on the web, maybe I will lighten it up and repost for your comment. It was neg scanned on Minolta Scan Dual III and messed around with in Elements, just contrast and brightness. I use the software that came with the scanner and need some tips on the settings to use, please help.Please email me with some tips at

Leonard Neumann     07-Dec-2003 at 09:41