Bank security guard - Leonard Neumann

Securuity Guard for a South African Bank.

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   tri x
Posted:   04-Dec-2003

Rating: 8.55 (11 ratings)


There is a terrific

quality of light in the blacks of this image. I assume that this is a virtue of Tri-X in particular, but you exploit it well in many of your pictures.

Charez Golvala     05-Dec-2003 at 01:13

Excellent portrait

of a powerful subject. Ain't Tri X still wonderful?

George Shadoan     05-Dec-2003 at 08:34

Tri X

After 30 years of using Tri X and D76 or Rodinol, I still love it. I have tried all of the C41 Black and White film, XP2 etc. and still think that Tri X suits my style of photography. I really think that the C41 films seem a bit too creamy for the subject matter that I like to shoot. Lennie.

Leonard Neumann     05-Dec-2003 at 11:36

very good

Excellent, this portrait has super impact.

Gregg Humphrey     05-Dec-2003 at 12:42