No Room at the Coffee Shop - Leonard Neumann

While on a trip to London, my wife and I had coffee at a really quaint little coffe shop ( Monmouth Coffee Shop ) near Borough Market. It was chilly outside, cozy inside and the coffee was wonderful. There was no room so we stood by the window and drank the coffee and watched the folks walk by.

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   Tri x
Exposure:   slow
Posted:   18-Nov-2003

Rating: 8.47 (15 ratings)



The diagonal line from the cup to the people makes the photograph very balanced. The depth of focus could be a little bit better. But anyway I like it.

Frieder Zimmermann     19-Nov-2003 at 03:58

Excellent slice of life

More DOF would have killed it IMO.

Wilfred van der Vegte     21-Nov-2003 at 11:21

Just lovely

Very nice, I love where the passers by are placed in the window pane, and the white van conveniently eliminates a potentially distracting background.

JR Ong     21-Nov-2004 at 12:33