Street scene in Paris - Leonard Neumann

Camera:   Contax G1
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 35mm f/2
Film:   TRI X
Posted:   24-Oct-2003

Rating: 8.00 (5 ratings)



This is my favourite of the three. Cartier-Bresson look, Paris and a man in a beret - what more can you ask for! The bicycle in Paris courtyard is also perfect for the setting.

Ewen Harrison     25-Oct-2003 at 02:53

Political Posture. . .

I appreciate the monumental aspect of the building and the demunitive man in the image. This is a strong portrait of the French state. The state being the massive building and the man...being the rest of the plebeian populace of France, all subservant to Paris. This is a good political portriat, Lenoard.

Jerome Belthrop     01-Nov-2003 at 22:51

A place I know ?

I guess it's Saint Sulpice (am I right ?) Indeed, great shot : framing and use of the carbon-covered church wall ... I pass by that place every week : but by bicycle, so I do not contribute to the darkening of the Parisian walls :-)

Jean-Christian     23-Jun-2004 at 08:15