Looking Back - Karl Winkler

I took this early in the morning at Newport, RI, in August, 2001. I was fortunate to have several things in my favor, including the right position, the right lens, and very calm waters. The saturated morning color also helped.

Camera:   G1
Lens:   21mm
Film:   Fuji Superia Extra 400
Exposure:   NR
Posted:   20-Aug-2001

Rating: 7.55 (11 ratings)


Well seen

I like this very much. The SLR list ran a "Reflections" challenge last year and had some excellent submissions. This would have been amongst the best.

Charez Golvala     21-Aug-2001 at 00:08


Many of us get good reflection shots, but we seldom compose the image in the reflection as well as the ship is displayed here. Congradulations.

George Shadoan     23-Aug-2001 at 01:44


... I just rated it seven - and that was kind I think :-) Good mirror , but that is all that I see in this shot. Maybe someone didn't like the slanted lines :-) Defenitely not a one. I would say giving this a seven maybe is a bit beyond what I normally would do, but what the hell it's a GWhiz-Weekend.

Knut SkjŠrven     03-Nov-2001 at 04:54

... and

I am trying to fall asleep.

Knut SkjŠrven     03-Nov-2001 at 04:57

This picture is gorgeous

Toti Cal˛     06-Nov-2001 at 06:56

Talking about rating

Here is one that showed up on the "Have you seen this" box. Still as good as when I first saw it but suffering from a 1/10 contribution. Note that the contributor that gave the low rating has not commented. So we (none of us) can learn from this person, or argue with him/her or be confirmed in our own beliefs through the debate. Shame.

Charez Golvala     13-Jun-2002 at 01:24


At first I thought "what's the big deal" but after looking again I realized that this is quite a unique shot. The more I see images taken with the 21mm the more I want one...

J. Salisbury     27-Jun-2002 at 12:32