Navajo Woman - Don

"Navajo Woman" (click on image).

Camera:   Contax G2
Lens:   Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2
Film:   NPS 160
Exposure:   f.2,TV not recorded
Filter:   UV
Adjustment:   Crop.
Posted:   02-Aug-2003

Rating: 8.00 (6 ratings)



Good portrait Don. I like the depth of field. It brings her face out well. Gary

Gary Eden     02-Aug-2003 at 14:44

Good portrait

Don, This is nice. The sharpness and color on her face is outstanding. Almost a 3-D effect with the selective focus. The chair just to her left in the foreground is a tad distracting, but overall I like this image a lot.

Karl Winkler     03-Aug-2003 at 09:37

Spinning A Yarn

Karl-Check out the chair back and you'll see the yarn on the edge of the blanket the woman was working on. Now,picture the image without the blanket and yarn,with just a white shirt. I think I like it better with the materials of her craft.

Don     03-Aug-2003 at 09:43

Bedeviled . . .

Her spectacles are amazingly luminescent. The detailed rendering of the strands of the hair, too. The out of focus foreground element is too, prominent--unfortunately--to allow me to enjoy the summation of the details, Don.

Jerome Belthrop     04-Aug-2003 at 00:22

Dear Bedeviled,

I'm sorry that you couldn't enjoy the details.Perhaps the background is also too defocused to enjoy, but it was my intention to render the face of the native American in sharp focus and merely leave an impression of her accessories. The yarn and blanket are secondary and subordinate to her face.

Don     04-Aug-2003 at 10:13

I think this is a great image. Very similar to one I did of my mother (86yo). I like the shot of Kelly too, incidently. What captivating eyes she has!

Keefo     21-Jul-2005 at 14:52