Leaf in the Morning - Karl Winkler

G1, 90, Velvia @40, handheld. This image is turned 180 degrees from the original version, based on Linc's suggestion.

Camera:   G1
Lens:   90mm
Film:   Velvia @ 40
Exposure:   1/30th @f/4
Posted:   06-Aug-2001

Rating: 7.92 (13 ratings)


smaller is nicer?

Karl. I just happened to come across this image in the 'have you-seen-this-image' box on the front page. I had already seen it before, but the strange thing was, that it seemed to look better at the small size in the 'have you-seen-this-image' box.

Wilfred van der Vegte     14-Nov-2001 at 00:31

very nice.

I too just came across this like Wilfred did but much later than he did. Somehow missed it the first time. Excellent image. I like the combination of elements, from the hard mottled street, the soft, yellow leaf and the spotting of water. The yellow color is just fantastic, oftentimes I love one color against a neutral color to set it off, less distracting other colors make it more beautiful. Good use of that wonderful 90 Sonnar.

Richard Sintchak     10-Feb-2002 at 22:45

Leaf it alone

Agree that it looks better in this orientation though Lincon has sussed the water droplets are upside down. I do like the exposure and composition.

Brian Cook     31-May-2002 at 15:33

Guess what?

I just saw this in the same way as Wilfred and Richard before me. Very nice indeed.

Charez Golvala     28-Jun-2002 at 00:56